Alootook Ipellie

Alootook Ipellie’s many achievements encompass a multitude of written and visual communications. His impressive body of work chronicles and illustrates the triumphs and tribulations of his people, the Inuit, in their struggle to adapt from a nomadic way of life to settled communities. Alootook experienced these struggles personally, as he was born on the land in a small hunting camp, Nuvuqquq, in 1951. His family relocated to the community of Frobisher Bay (now Iqaluit) when he was four.

Alootook’s work reflects his intelligence, sensitivity, and creativity; his ideas are conveyed through journalism, fiction, poetry, essays, and various artistic media including pen-and-ink drawings, cartoons, design projects, animation, and photography. He has also written a weekly column for Nunatsiaq News called “Ipellie’s Shadow.”

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