Mom, The School Flooded Revised Edition Share this with a friend

by Ken Rivard
illustrated by Joe Weissmann

Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

When Gus’s mom asks what he did at school today, he gives his usual reply: “Nothing.” But his soaking shoes and socks indicate otherwise. Mom pushes for details, so Gus begins a remarkable tale of a school gone wet.

It seems during science a whole lot of water flooded in from the hall. Their quick-thinking teacher had them turn the tables (literally) on the rising tide and paddle to the gym. But a lake there sent the students outside…where an ocean awaited. And so Gus’s story builds and builds—as does his mother’s incredulity—until the janitor takes charge and vanquishes the flood waters.

Mom sends Gus, and his washed up story, off to change. And what did Gus’s older brother do at school today? “Nothing.” But his ripped pants and a new pet alligator indicate otherwise …

New and wonderfully frantic detail-filled illustrations embellish this revised edition of a too-tall tale.


“ …an excellent story to add to your collection.”
—CM Reviews, 01/08


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