Ma, I’m a Farmer Share this with a friend

by Michael Martchenko
illustrated by Michael Martchenko

Ten Top Books of the Year, Canadian Toy Testing Council

Fred doesn’t care for work, especially his city job. One day, just like that, he tells his bewildered mother, “Ma, I’m a farmer!” That’ll be a relaxing change.

His new neighbors warn him of the workload. “Chores, schmores, I’m not doing any chores,” snorts Fred. But the hungry animals have other ideas, and soon Fred is up to his overalls in agriculture.

Farmer Fred turns to his technical know-how, and in no time machines are doing his dirty work and he can relax ... That is, until his automatons blow the power grid and he’s cut off. But there’s energy enough from the wind and the sun if you build the right gadgets. Finally, Fred can sit back and proudly say, “Ma, I’m a farmer!” It’s not such hard work after all ... but wait! Is that smoke?


“[Martchenko’s] passion is evident not only in his playful, exuberant rendering of characters, but also in his detailed backgrounds.”
—National Post

“Humorously written and illustrated ... the exaggerated difficulties portrayed in the text and illustrations add to the enjoyment of the story ... Recommended.”
—CM Reviews

“Suitable for independent reading or sharing aloud, this is a lighthearted look at technology and our efforts to make life easier.”
— School Library Journal

“Humor abound in the watercolor illustrations, especially with regard to the animals in the book. Their comical facial expressions and ... the various shenanigans they get up to are entertaining. Readers will shake their heads and want to cover their eyes each time they see Fred act without planning ahead.”
—Canadian Bookseller

“Youngsters will be most entertained by Martchenko’s zany, bustling watercolor cartoons, filled with funny flourishes, many entailing the silly antics and factial expressions of the barnyard denizens.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Children will pore over Martchenko’s trademark cartoon illustrations. The pages are packed with witty details and observant readers will follow the background antics of a mischievous raccoon. The expressive faces of the farmyard animals are hilarious.”
—Resource Links


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