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One Hundred Bible Land Jobs You Might Have Praised or Panned

Jobs in History series

by Laurie Coulter
illustrated by Martha Newbigging

Sydney Taylor Notable Book for Older Readers Best Bets List for Children, Honorable Mention, Ontario Library Association Middle East Book Awards, Honorable Mention Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre Rocky Mountain Book Award nomination

Life was tough in Old Testament times. People had to cross deserts on foot, grow food on parched land and deal with earthquakes, drought and disease.

If you lived then, you might not have wanted to be a water hauler. That would have meant walking for miles with a heavy jar full of water on your head. A more pleasant job might have been that of perfumer, concocting sweet-smelling fragrances that your customers would use to mask the smell of unwashed bodies—and to keep flies away.

Other jobs include necromancer (only if you like communicating with the dead), date picker (but not if you’re afraid of heights) or gold jewelry maker (people would think you were a magician!)

A fact-filled introduction, timeline and index make this book perfect for research projects while the humorous illustrations and snappy text provide an entertaining read. Kids will look at history in a whole new way thanks to this unique approach. 


“Cleverly written . . . whimsical colourful drawings . . . informative . . . also a fun book to read on its own.”
—Resource Links, 06/10

“Author Laurie Coulter has hit the mark with this entertaining, humorous yet informative look at life in ‘Old Testament Times.’ . . . The illustrations . . . life and color to the brief, witty descriptions. Highly Recommended.”
—CM Reviews, 06/10

“The author and illustrator have a clever way of humorously portraying this factual information that will entertain young people.”
—Jewish Book World, Spring/11