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See & Say

by Anne-Sophie Tilly
illustrated by Julien Chung

Nami Island Children’s Book Illustration Award

A colorful introduction to animal names—in three languages!

Hurry Up! and its companion book, Don’t Move!, are ideal board books for very young children. With only one word per page, simple, bold illustrations, and a surprise ending in both, these books can be used to expose toddlers to the names of animals. Those featured include common ones such as lion and monkey, but there are also ones that may be new to children, such as iguana and pink flamingo.

In Hurry Up! the animals gather one by one until they are all assembled to listen to a story.

The name of each animal is presented in English, French, and Spanish, so whether parents/caregivers are native speakers or want to expose their children to a foreign language as early as possible, these two board books are just the thing.


“Visually appealing … A nice addition to the ever-expanding animal board book shelf.”
—School Library Journal, 03/17

“Provides the high contrast babies are drawn to.”
—Quill & Quire, 05/17


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