Great Number Rumble Revised and Updated, The Share this with a friend

A Story of Math in Surprising Places

by Cora Lee and Gillian O'Reilly
illustrated by Lil Crump

Best Books for Kids & Teens 2017, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

“A gold mine for places in our lives in which mathematical ideas are ‘surprisingly hidden.’”—CM Reviews

Math can show up in the most unlikely places! When the schools in Jeremy’s town ban math, all the kids cheer, all except his friend Sam, a self-proclaimed mathnik, who sets out to prove that math is not only important, but fun. Running parallel to the fictional narrative are informative sidebars that discuss the weird, puzzling, and amusing aspects of mathematics. Some topics covered are math in nature, art, music, magic and tricks, crime solving, and sports.

First published in 2007, this revised edition features more visual elements, simplified explanations of the more advanced topics, and updated information including computer animation and algorithms. New artwork by Lil Crump brings the pages to life with lively cartoons, while photographs illustrate key concepts. The dynamic layout invites even math-phobic readers to dive in.


“Just the cure for standardized tests. Use in math lessons to get kids energized.”
—School Library Journal, 10/16

“A wonderful read-aloud as part of a STEM focus.”
—Professionally Speaking, 12/17

“A great resource to make math more exciting for kids.”—
—Canadian Children’s Book News, Winter/16

—CM Reviews, 03/24/17

“A great resource for a school science class . . . even high-schoolers would enjoy it.”
—Biblioquacious, 04/13/17

“Nine-to-13-year-olds will love it.”
—DL Online, 04/12/17


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