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Who Gets It, Who Spends It, Where Does It Go?

by Kevin Sylvester and Michael Hlinka
illustrated by Kevin Sylvester

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What happens to your money after you hand it to the cashier?

You pay for that cool pair of shoes or a new CD. But what happens to that money once it leaves your hands? Who actually pockets it or puts it into the bank? This lively, kid-friendly book answers these questions and more:

• Why are designer jeans so much more expensive than no-name ones?
• Why does a burger cost $4.50 when the ingredients only cost $1.38?
• How do credit cards work?

Discover the trail your money takes as it goes to pay for everything including the raw materials used to make a product, the workers who produce it, and the advertisers who promote it.

Humorous illustrations demystify the process by providing a visual breakdown of all the elements involved in monetary transactions. Accessible and fun, Follow Your Money is a vital introduction to the way money flows.

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“Simply by explaining how a credit card works or why energy companies make a dollar on seemingly every transaction, readers will find themselves wondering about transparency and the ownership of natural resources.”
—Kirkus Reviews, *starred review, 05/13

“Presents a unique approach to economics and money, hopefully enabling readers to be smarter consumers.”
—School Library Journal, 12/13

“This book is FANTASTIC! . . . A definite plus for a finance class but a solid addition to any library.”
—Novel Nutritious, 10/22/13

“This may be one of the most important books your middle graders will ever read on their road to adulthood.”
—, 07/26/14

“An appealing guide. Highly recommended.”
—Kristin Fontichiaro, Librarian, University of Michigan School of Information, 10/26/13

“An eye-opening look at the route [money] follows.”
—Waterloo Region Record, 03/30/13

“Will make readers of any age think carefully. Highly recommended.”
—CM Reviews, 09/13

“Insightful and easy to understand.”
—Professionally Speaking, 12/14

“A very effective method of getting the reader to think about where things come from.”
—The Deakin Review of Children’s Literature, 07/14

“The book provides young people with a good introduction to the way money flows.”
—Canadian Children’s Book News, 04/13

“Sylvester and Hlinka . . . have written a book about a very complex subject and made it accessible and entertaining.”
—Resource Links, 06/13

“I’m glad there are books out there like Follow Your Money to help educate my children to make better financial decisions.”
—Three Boys and an Old Lady, 03/04/13

“Uses a multitude of engaging scenarios and calculations to determine the profit and hidden costs of common . . . goods.”
—Book Links, 09/13

“Kevin Sylvester and Michael Hlinka do a great job of explaining basic economic concepts.”
—, 10/16/13

“I admire the way the authors managed to write in light entertaining prose while at the same time educating kids about the bottom line of earning, spending, saving.”
—Good Reads with Ronna, 06/25/13

“Sylvester and Hlinka . . . have created a captivating series of chapters detailing why pizzas, mp3 players, cell phones and laptops cost what they do.”
—Canadian Teacher, 11/13

“An interesting, informative and much-needed introduction to money plus savvy consumer advice for . . . tweens and teens.”
—Exeter Times-Advocate, 11/14/13

“A perfect read for financial literacy month in November!”
—Village Living Magazine, 10/15/14

“Financial concepts are broken down with creative illustrations and examples that young people can relate to in a language they will actually understand.”
—Mabel’s Fabels, 11/23/15


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