Dogs Don’t Eat Jam and Other Things Big Kids Know Share this with a friend

by Sarah Tsiang
illustrated by Qin Leng

Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

New babies have a lot to learn; lucky for them, the older sibling in this delightful picture book is here to tell them everything they have to remember … and look forward to. Whether it’s advice on turning regular people into parents, learning how to go—and stop—or figuring out the most important words (Mama! Dada! Up!), Dogs Don’t Eat Jam is filled with useful tips and lessons from an experienced older sibling that will help newborns navigate the uncertainties of their new world.

Following on the heels of the much-praised A Flock of Shoes, Sarah Tsiang and Qin Leng team up for a second time in this playful new picture book. It’s the ultimate guide for newborns from an older, wiser sibling.


“This is a great read-aloud book that celebrates the joy, excitement, and love that come with the arrival of a new baby . . . an excellent gift for any child gaining a sibling.”
—Quill & Quire, *starred review, 12/11

“Leng's mixed-media art creates lively scenes of domestic bliss (and drama).”
—, 12/12/11

“Parents who want their children to focus on the special bond between siblings rather than the inconveniences of less lap time and shared toys will want to read this heartening story to both big and little siblings—together.”
—Foreword Reviews, 11/11

“This delightful story serves as a growing-up-guide that each first-time older sibling should read when welcoming a newborn into the family.”
—CM Reviews, 11/11

“This book is a wonderful read-aloud . . . The language is fun and engaging . . . Leng’s watercolour illustrations are beautiful, touched with whimsy and warmth, and abounding in love.”
—Resource Links, 12/11

“This is the BEST book for older siblings about a new baby I have ever seen.”
—SMS Book Reviews, 01/18/12

“Definitely worth looking at . . . a noteworthy package that will delight.”
—Waking Brain Cells, 09/22/11