Dog Who Wanted to Fly, The Share this with a friend

by Kathy Stinson
illustrated by Brandon James Scott


Who says dogs can’t fly?

Meet Zora: a dog with a big dream and an even bigger personality. All Zora wants to do is learn how to fly so she can catch that pesky squirrel in her yard. But try as she might to prove to her friend Tully —a skeptical cat—that dogs truly can fly, nothing seems to work. Until Zora finds the right motivation, that is.

Kathy Stinson’s charming story of perseverance is beautifully brought to life by Brandon James Scott’s exuberant and wonderfully expressive illustrations. Touching on themes of optimism and determination in the face of failure, The Dog Who Wanted to Fly is a book anyone—even a cat—will love.


“A clever and endearing story, expertly illustrated, with an affirming message.”
—Kirkus Reviews, 12/05/18

“This delightful story of perseverance and heart is embedded in almost animated illustrations of the highest quality.”
—Storywraps, 12/20/18

“A cute story about perseverance.”
—The Ladybug Reads, 01/10/19