Diablesse and the Baby, La Share this with a friend

by Richardo Keens-Douglas
illustrated by Marie Lafrance

Alcuin Society Design Award Storytelling World Honor Award American Bookseller’s Pick of the Lists Governor General’s Award finalist

This is the eerie and colorful tale of the legendary creature—half human, half demon—that roams the Caribbean night, and how a brave Grandma outwits it.


“For children who enjoy a bit of spookiness, this is a masterfully told tale.”
—Today’s Parent

“The story, with its mysterious and threatening villainess, is delightfully chilling; at the same time it offers the solid comfort of the resourceful and wary Granny, and concludes with a quirky twist that brings the tale from the long-ago-and-far-away to the here-and-now.”
—Canadian Book Review Annual


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