Chinese Thought of It, The Share this with a friend

Amazing Inventions and Innovations

We Thought of It series

by Ting-xing Ye

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Acupuncture, gun powder and the secrets to spinning silk are innovations that we have come to associate with China. But did you know that the Chinese also invented the umbrella? And toilet paper, initially made from rice straw clumped together, was first used in China!

Through the ages, the Chinese have used the resources available to them to improve their lives. Their development of the compass and the paddleboat helped facilitate the often difficult tasks of travel and trade, and many foods associated with health and wellness—from green tea to tofu—have their origins in China.

Other interesting innovations include
• the suspension bridge • the wheelbarrow • playing cards

With descriptive photos and information-packed text divided into sections including farming, food and games, this third book in the ‘Thought of It’ series explores the fascinating origins of much that surrounds us today.


“A well-focused introduction to the history of technological innovation in China.”
—Booklist Online, 12/09

“The tightly packed pages overflow with color photos, illustrations and creative design, ensuring an informative and entertaining read.”
—Foreword Reviews, 01/10

“Educational and entertaining . . . Interesting facts, coupled with colourful and attractive illustrations will keep readers’ attention. Highly recommended.”
—CM Reviews, 02/10

“Blends ancient and contemporary China, illustrating the country’s rich history and impressive modernity.”
—VOYA, 06/10

“I like the series and love that it brings our attention to technological advancements that developed in other places and times outside of North America. Good introductions that could lead into deeper discussions and research.”
—Doucette Library of Teaching Resources, 02/12