Chicken, Pig, Cow On the Move Share this with a friend

A Ruth Ohi Picture Book series

written and illustrated by Ruth Ohi

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Chicken, Pig and Cow are looking for a change. The popsicle-stick barn Girl built for them is great, but sometimes it gets just a little too crowded.

So off they go in search of a new house. They soon discover that nestling among fuzzy slippers in the closet is too “linty,” and living under the furniture is too scary! What about Girl’s dollhouse? There’s lots of space and they all get their own room—Chicken’s even has TV. But what seemed perfect turns out to be a lot less desirable than the comforts of home. Maybe their jam-packed barn isn’t so bad after all  . . . 

With her simple, humorous style and expressive illustrations, Ruth Ohi brings Chicken, Pig, Cow (and Dog!) back for a second toddler-friendly instalment chronicling the everyday adventures of these lovable characters.

What makes a good book for preschoolers? Ruth Ohi shares her advice in this link: click here.


“Here’s hoping their next adventure is just as lovable and sparks just as many musings about the secret lives of toys and pets.”
—Kirkus Reviews, 10/09

“A tender tale for the very small told via generous amounts of vibrant watercolour . . . and a perfect economy of words.”
—Globe and Mail, 10/10/09

“The end of the story leaves readers with a satisfied “no place like home” feeling . . . hopefully, a third adventure will take place. Highly Recommended.”
—CM Reviews, 11/09

“This fun, touching story uses simple and spare language which, combined with engaging characters, makes for a wonderful read-aloud.”
—Canadian Children’s Book News, Fall/09

“Even the youngest of readers will giggle and smile at Ohi’s charming new book.”
—Canadian Bookseller, 12/09

“The gentle story will reassure readers that they can explore the world and return home again.”
—School Library Journal, 12/09

“Expressive drawings, brightened with cheerful watercolor washes.”
—Booklist, 12/09

“Ruth Ohi captures the magic of imagination . . . by making these charming little characters come alive. Highly recommended.”
—Resource Links, 12/09