Animals That Changed the World Share this with a friend

by Keltie Thomas

Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre Science in Society Book Award finalist Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Award nomination Hackmatack Award nomination Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada Information Book Award nomination Silver Birch Award nomination Rocky Mountain Book Award nomination

From furry felines to hard-working horses, animals have had a tremendous impact on world history. For example, rats, through the diseases they carry, have probably killed more people than any war or natural disaster, goats may have been the first to discover coffee and, thanks to camels, people were able to survive for long periods in the desert and open up trade routes between Europe and Asia. However, animals can also be destructive. Mosquitoes spread deadly diseases — and may even have killed Alexander the Great. Some animals have changed the environment by damaging whole ecotems, creating deserts in their wake. Others, like the elephant, have been used as weapons of war. Among the more than 20 animals featured in this book are dogs, sheep, dolphins, silk moths and beavers, all of which have changed the course of history for better or for worse. Lighthearted and humorous, with intriguing photos and informative sidebars, this book ensures that readers will appreciate all animals with newfound awe and respect.


“There’s no question it will appeal to fact-loving middle graders …”
—Kirkus Reviews, 11/10

“… is sure to be a hit with children, parents, teachers and librarians with its thought-provoking questions and answers. Highly recommended.”
—CM Magazine, 12/10

“Keltie Thomas showers the reader with amazing stories and fabulous facts, dislodges myths, and deconstructs idioms.”
—Resource Links, 12/10

“… chock-full of exciting, entertaining and enticing tidbits about how vital animals are to us …”
—, 02/11

“Because of the simple writing style, lovely pictures and drawing, and careful organization … this book would make a great gift and is a must for a school library.”
—, 02/11

“… a very clear and informative book …”
—Library Media Connection, 05/11