10 Routes That Crossed the World Share this with a friend

The World of Tens series

by Gillian Richardson
illustrated by Kim Rosen

Get ready to travel along the fascinating pathways of history.

From the first humans to reach North America across the Bering Strait to the soldiers on the jungle trails of Vietnam, people have followed routes that tell of migrations, discoveries, conquests, and settlement. By following these ten pathways, young readers will get a unique view of world history and geography. Dramatic, fictionalized stories bring to life exciting events along the paths where history has played itself out. These include:

• The Roman Roads
• Camino de Santiago
• Route 66
• Trans-Siberian Railroad
• Khyber Pass

Readers will also discover how the Inca Trail helped build an empire, but then facilitated its destruction. They’ll read about the treacherous Chilkoot Trail, which led hopeful gold prospectors to riches, and the Serengeti migration trail, traveled by millions of animals and the Maasai people for generations.

The fourth book in the World of Tens series, 10 Routes That Crossed the World once again demonstrates how vivid storytelling, striking design features, and vibrant artwork can put the “story” back into “history.”


“A mostly satisfying mix of history and geography for the curious armchair traveler.”
—Kirkus Reviews, 03/01/17

—School Library Journal, 04/17